Festive Collection

Festive Collection

While I wanted to do a bit of development on Christmas day, as working on Christmas day is pretty dedicated, I didn’t get round to it until today what with all the family stuff, Skyward Sword and Skyrim to compete with. On Christmas day my brother and his wife told my parents and I the fantastic news that they’re having a baby – so I’m going to be an Uncle! Can’t wait 🙂

My goal for today was to get collecting the flies working, which I’ve done with plenty of use of the Script Reference (http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/ScriptReference/Collider.OnTriggerEnter.html). When that wasn’t too hard I added collection particles (some placeholder example fireworks seeing as I’m not sure what I want here yet) and also some snow seeing it was also inside the example files and I was feeling a bit festive.

Next I’d like to get some HUD working – with a fly counter that shows how many you have left to get.

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